Timeline for downtime

11-7-768 @ Davarian’s Keep
Qweezil learns Teleport Other (7 days)
Sha’re reads…
Rothbart goes down into Farwatch and parties a bit.
Moralin learns Teleport Other (7 days)
Rothbart returns to Grennis, begins searching out how to reverse his height/gender/chaos issue.
Moralin and Qweezil return to Grennis. Moralin begins learning magic spells from Qweezil.

1-1-769 In Grennis/Cedenia: Spring Festival – week long celebration in Cedenia
Who is participating? This will take time out of reading/learning/researching, but you can gain money, items or even reputation/contacts/followers. Also a chance(33%) to lose those things.

4-8-769 In Grennis/Cedenia: Feast of Summer (1 day)

10-22-769 In Grennis: Beginning of school year/winter.
Moralin gains an apprentice, Aurora.

13-1-769 Start date of new game…

Timeline for downtime

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