Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

Gaining Allies

Game recap: May 23, 2010

Cast of characters:
Belor, human psion/fighter; Daymoon, “elf” ranger; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz

The group intends to meet whatever is happening in town head-on. They ride boldly into town along the main road, entering from the north. They come to one of the bonfires and Qweezil stops to investigate the magical circle and symbols. He determines that the circle effects are four-fold: 1) they channel magical energy from the environment into the circle at an increased rate, 2) the circles are all connected together and most of the magic energy they are channeling is being sent to some other focus, 3) some magic is held to power a barrier of some sort; the barrier is intended to affect a non-prime material plane creature, 4) there is some sort of primal amalgamation happening; using magic, psionic, health and soul energies for the focus.

Daymoon notices some movement along the road ahead. The party continues on… The party sees an ambush and attempts to defuse it with conversation. Qweezil informs the mixed group of ambushers that they are there to help stop the blight from spreading. This tact seems to have some effect as one of the ambushers, a female Viruk, moves across the road and speaks with one of the humans. The party overhears her say, “Morthan lied to us.” The invisible human she was speaking to flees via a teleport spell. The other two humans walk off. A Chuul had attacked, but Daymoon avoided its attacks. The Viruk does something to the Chuul psionically and it burrows away.

The female Viruk introduces herself as S’sratix and says that Morthan, the leader of the humans, deceived them and she wants to help the group stop the spread of the blight. It appears that S’sratix is unaware of anything beyond the realm of the small town, Vargeddar. She is deeply concerned by the news that the blight might be spreading. She escorts the group back to the Viruk enclave. Sha’re heals two of the male Viruk that returned from their encounter outside of town.

S’sratix explains that the humans are in charge and they take some of the Viruk and the strange spider-people down beneath the town. There is some sort of ritual taking place there. The Chuul are unthinking creatures and the humans appear to have them controlled somehow. It is possible that the spider-people ( Ettercap) may be willing to help the group disrupt the ritual or at least not side with the humans. S’sratix will lead the group to the Ettercap enclave and help with the negotiation.

Approaching the Darkness

Game recap: April 25, 2010

Cast of characters:
Belor, human psion/fighter; Daymoon, “elf” ranger; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz

10 -12-768
Both Belor and Qweezil attempt to trace the three Viruk that teleported away, but were unsuccessful. Trusting in the damage over time spells on each of the fleeing snake-men, the party turned to their own issues; namely dealing with the poison coursing through the veins of Daymoon and Rothbart. Sha’re negated the poison in Daymoon, but Rothbart had too many poison effects on him. Sha’re decided to ride it out and heal the damage as it happened. This turned out well and she was able to keep Rothbart from dying. She next turned her attention to reattaching the leg that was ripped from his body in the vicious fight with the Virruk. Although she was successful in connecting the leg with the rest of his body, she was not yet able to make it work. The party decided to stay in their camp for the rest of the day and rest the night before continuing into the blighted land.

Qweezil made use of the day by studying the strange snake-men, finally deducing how he may be able to summon one to do his bidding.

At sundown, there was a dark coalescence that formed into a deeper darkness. The group got a sense of great power. Belor felt a strange sense as his psionic precognition warned him of incredible danger, but that the danger was a result of his own actions. He decided to take no actions and the rest of the party watched in mute silence as the dark figure came forward and reached out for Rothbart. The troll said, “It OK, Bart. She a friend.” This did not calm the party, but perhaps made it easier for them as the inky avatar and Rothbart both disappeared.

The group mounted up on conjured steeds and continued traveling to the center of the blight.

After lunch, while travelling, the group is attacked by three strange creatures that look like a cross between a lobster and insect, with a collection of tentacles dangling from where their mouth would be. The Chuuls lay in ambush, their back carapace mimicking a rock. When the group came close, they burst from the ground and attacked. The party killed the three creatures with little trouble, quickly discovering that they are weak against magical attacks. Qweezill stalled the party here so he could examine these creature in an attempt to learn how to summon them later. Belor likewise took time to study them in an attempt to polymorph into one of these heavily armored creatures.

Mount up again; head towards a town.

10am: Investigate the farmland surrounding the town of Vargeddar. Everything seems to have been destroyed recently, within the last month. All organic material seems to have been affected; only stone ruins remain.

Sha’re transforms into a hawk and does some reconnaissance of the town. She sees desolation everywhere. There appear to be large bonfires with magical symbols arrayed around the town. She discovers a large group gathering in the town square. There appear to be four racial factions, with the humans being the dominant group. She sees the humans in the north part of the square, the Viruk in the east, the Chuul in the west and a group of strange spider-like humanoids to the south. They all are listening to one of the humans speak. Another of the humans noticed the circling hawk and pointed it out to his companion. Sha’re took that as her cue to leave and returned to the group.

The Barren Zone

Game recap April 11, 2010

At the edge of the barren zone: Daymoon it 'ported back to the party via a nature gate. The party investigates the strange aura that permeates the region.  It is revealed to be very potent magical, psionic, natural and spiritual energy.  It is passive but very powerful.  the party crosses the barrier, to no obvious harm.  They gather their bearings and make for the center of the zone. 

Later in the day, Rothbart catches up to the group by flying in dragon form. The party camps the night.

10-12-768 5am
A group of 10 snake/humanoid hybrids attempt to ambush the party.  They are discovered and a battle ensues.  The creatures are very potent physically and have psionic and magical abilities.  The battle is long and bloody, kills 7 of the creatures, the other three teleport away.  The party plans to pursue them via trace teleport.

End @ round 5, initiative 28…


Exploring the Origin

Game recap March 14, 2010

11pm: Rothbart follows the hiercosphinx off into the darkness; Sha're and Topaz are unable to locate either Rothbart or the sphinx in the night. She and Topaz return to camp. 

Rothbart has not returned to camp by morning.  Sha're tree walks back to Qweezil in Vallastar.  Arcon seems unconcerned about Rothbart's absence.  Qweezil transports himself, Shona, Arcon and Sha're back to the mountains and the rest of the party. They decide to go back to where they encountered the crystal psi-scorpions in the forest.  Qweezil mystic portals with Sha're describing the location in great detail. They arrive fairly close by (1 mile from the psi-scorpions), but Qweezil is tapped for energy and they decide to camp the night.  Late in the afternoon, Sha're notices some agitation from the forest animals.  A large group of predators seem to be in the area.  The party investigates further and Daymoon has an odd interaction with the largest wolf Sha're has ever seen.  There is a large group of wolves following the giant wolf.  Sha're deduces that the giant wolf is actually the physically manifested aspect of the spirit/deity "Wolf". Daymoon follows the "Wolf" and disappears.  Sha're tracks the wolf packs back to a den.  There appears to be three different wolf packs congregating together near the aspect of wolf's cave.  Sha're returns to the party.

The group descends on the psi-scorpions and kills three drones. The "matron" psi-scorpion and one of the drones escapes by burrowing into the ground.  The group harvests 1 large, 1 medium and 2 small psi-crystals.  Qweezil conjures magical mounts for the party and they decide to skirt around the mountains to the southwest.

The group has passed the mountains and are heading SW. The terrain is tall grass/plains; it appears to be very dry. They spot a group of creatures that seem to be shadowing the party some distance to the south.  They are identified as wemics but the party does not approach or interact.  The wemic hunting party shadows the group for a few hours then moves off. The party continues on.

3pm: The party reaches the edge of a vast barren zone.  Everything seems to have died in a huge area.  The party investigates and figures out that it seems to be a large circular area affected.  The party decides to head south toward the "center" of the barren zone.


Psychic Wave

Game recap February 28, 2010

The party rests the night.

Qweezil is more focused on his personal research and unless there is some pressing urgent need, he would rather work on his own research.  The rest of the party decides to investigate the psionic wave further and will contact Qweezil (through Rothbart's familiar, Arcon) if they find anything.  The party, sans Qweezil, leaves the city on foot and begins walking southwest.  They move through the farmlands surrounding Vallastar.

The party enters rolling plains.  Sha're speaks with the animals she encounters along their travels and discovers that no birds or reptiles were affected by the psionic wave of energy.  Only other mammals "fell asleep" and even then, very few were affected (perhaps 5%).  She also figures out that the animals here are different than other wild animals she has interacted with and that they are travelling through a nature preserve.

The terrain transitions from plains to light forest.  Belor notices some psionic activity a bit off the path and the group goes to investigate.  They find some strange crystal spider/scorpion-like creatures that don't really register as animals.  The group decides to move on.

The party begins climbing a mountain range after a brief discussion about going around versus over.

Continuing over the mountain.  The party is ambushed right after lunch by two psionic ogres.  One ogre is killed and the other flees by teleporting away.

Sha're finds a good, clear path to the crest of the mountain.  At sundown, the party camps and spends the night at "Bart's Peak".

11pm: The party is attacked by a dire hieracosphinx.  Its hit and run tactics serve it well, but the party puts the hurt on it and it flees.  The party individually devises plans to chase after it.

Initiative              Character
24                           Sphinx
20                           Rothbart
16                           Sha're, topaz
15                           Daymoon

Belor is putting on his armor.


Leaving the Army

Game recap: February 7, 2010

Cast of characters:
Belor, human psion/fighter
Daymoon, "elf" ranger
Qweezil, "human" wizard
Rothbart, troll priest of Amon
Sha're, human healer/druid
Arcon, fairy, Rothbart's familiar
Deepwater, great wolf, Daymoon's companion/mount
Onyx, black leopard, Sha're's familiar
Shona, undead fighter, Qweezil's companion
Topaz, sparrow hawk, Sha're's familiar

The party is recovering after their trek into the Dreamworld to rescue several key figures after the Demon War.  They were unsuccessful in rescuing Jen, Aster's companion.  Aster becomes depressed and withdraws from the group.

Daymoon is escorted into the army camp via transport through trees.  Sha're notices the magic and is there to witness the arrival of Daymoon.  One of the native elves, named Aevorlyxalis, introduces Daymoon to Sha're and tells her that Daymoon should travel with them for a time. Daymoon is introduced to the party.  Qweezil notices something different about Daymoon but does not discuss his thoughts with the party.

As the party is making their final preparations to leave the army camp, an angel appears in the center of the camp.  The angel thanks Qweezil for his service and hands over four pristine angel feathers to the young wizard.  The assembled soldiers are very impressed by the display.  The party then mystic portals to Vallastar; arriving outside the city gates.  They return to their townhouse and settle in, each person working on individual tasks.

Qweezil and his team of hired researchers discover his first step in the path to becoming an Archmage.

A very powerful and very strange psychic wave of energy moves through the entire town, knocking hundreds of people unconscious.  The party converges and figure out that the energy wave appears to have come from the south west.  The party travels to the edge of the city but find no evidence of what could have caused the psychic wave.  Stymied, they return home and prepare to go out to dinner at a restaurant known to be frequented by academics at the university and members of the Psionics' Guild in an attempt to overhear any possible rumors or thoughts on what caused the event to occur.



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