Two handed lesser rune sword

weapon (melee)

Tempest – Item 246 – Lesser Rune Item **
Huge 2 handed Sword

Continuous Abilities:

• Contains sentient Elf soul that can communicate telepathically.
3 S/P/D due to quality
• +3 S/P/D due to magic (
6 total)
• D30 Damage
• 2x Damage vs Undead
• 2x Damage vs Devils
• 2x Damage vs Demons
• +1 Action (Magic or Melee)
• Imparts Blindfighting Feat
• Imparts Huge Sword Proficiency
• 1 Free action dodge every round
• Fight to protect wielder when wielder unconscious
• Teleports back to hand, 0 action abortable
• N20 – Stun, Disarm, Free Attack
• N19 – Stun, Disarm
• 60 MSP Pool
• Grants +6 MSP regen per hour
• Masterwork Weapon

1/Year Abilities: (reset at dawn on 1/1)
The sword will cast resurrection on you (only). If you ever die with the sword within 100 feet of your body, it will cast this spell upon you (on it’s next available action). Resurrection immediately brings you back to life at full hit points, MSP, re-grows lost limbs (including the head) and removes any diseases/poisons/toxins, nsh. that were affecting your body when you died. Any spell affects (good or bad) are also not functioning (that is a result of dying, not the spell).

1/Day Abilities:

Full purchased damage multiplier on successful strike after hit before damage roll
Auto Strike before strike roll
Auto parry before parry roll

Spells – Casts at 6th level of ability, Casts as focus item, 1 spell per round

Aid 2 MSP +1 Strike, +1 Save Vs Horror, +5 HP
Magic Weapon 4 MSP Imbues +1 SPD to a weapon
Magic Vestments 12MSP +1 AR every 3 levels
Divine Power 16 MSP +1 HP/level, +1 ST/2 levels, strength 18
Flame Strike 20 MSP D8/level no save outdoors
Blade Barrier 24 MSP D6/level as wall or offensive, +6 Strike as offensive
Power Word Stun 28 MSP 2d4 Melees save for ½ duration, lose all actions, can only defend
Power Word Blind 32 MSP 1 min/level save for ½ duration, -9 SPD effects up to 200HP of creatures, lowest first
Power Word Kill 36 MSP 1 target up to 200HP, save for ½ hit points. Can use against
Group, lowest HPs first


I dont remember where I got this from.


Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent JilesMcCoy