Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

Saving the Needle

Cast of characters:
Bellor, human psion/fighter; Moralin, human fighter/mage; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz
The lizard creatures put up a paltry defense before the onslaught of Moralin. After the lizard men are killed, the groups tries to deal with the ley line storm. Realizing that more creatures are going to keep coming as long as the storm rages, they try to figure out a way to shut it down. Moralin attempts to dispel the magical storm. As he sends his magical negation out into the storm, there is a tremendous backlash and he falls to the ground dead. A moment later his sword levitates above his body and seems to take a defensive position. A moment after that, there is a bright flash of magical energy from the sword and Moralin is brought back to life, fully healthy.
The group determines that there is likely something going on inside the Needle that is causing, or at least feeding, the ley line storm. The group attempts to enter the building and are pulled into a magical puzzle. Everyone solves the magical labyrith, other than Sha’re, who gives up. The party decides to leave Gneemo’s Needle and see if there is anything that can be done from the outside. Qweezil deduces that he may be able to divert enough of the magical energy from the needle focus, hoping that this will kickstart the magical protections into working properly. He has Moralin and Sha’re assist him and they are successful… barely. There is a massive explosion of chaos, primal energy. Everyone is able to avoid being affected by the wash of chaos other than Rothbart and Moralin. They are both fundamentally changed in the magical explosion.
After the storm has settled, the party meets Gnemo, himself. He appears to have been affected by the chaos-primal as well and has been transformed into an orc adolescent. He is grateful for the groups help in shutting down the storm. They are all granted VIP status at the inn and restaurant and are granted complimentary accommodations whenever they like. Qweezil mentions that they are on their way to meet with a famous Dwarven Thaumaturge and Gnemo tells them that he knows Davarian and can help them arrive faster and with more accuracy.



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