Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

Ritual Researching

Cast of characters:
Bellor, human psion/fighter; Moralin, human fighter/mage; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz
Two hours into researching that day, Moralin explodes – violently – covering the room, and all the characters in little bits of gore and viscera. Tempest is catapulted across the room and impales Rothbart through the chest. The sword continues through Rothbart, but does not come out the back. It becomes infused with him. There is some investigation into this. Qweezil immediately goes into the realm of death, but does not see Moralin’s soul. He does see a strange dark energy, unlike anything he has witnessed before that seems to hover near where Rothbart was standing in the Prime Material plane. It seems to be an anchor of sorts, that is existing in both these realms at the same time. Qweezil hypothesizes that it is a beacon that will allow Moralin to return to them at a later time.
Continue researching Davarian’s disappearance. Much of his personal journals and notes have been removed by the wolfen apprentices who are suspicious of the party’s motives. Bellor stumbles across a book on one of the top shelves that looks to be one of Davarian’s personal diaries, missed by the apprentices. It has a cover that is obviously faked, to make it look like an uninteresting research book. Inside the front cover is a thin sheet of mithril, inscribed with mystic symbols. It seems to be a scrying and teleportation focus. Davarian would be able to use this focus to see into the room (or any room in which it was located). He would also be able to use it as a teleport target to send himself unerringly to the location of the book. The contents of the diary itself are quite mundane, not related to his magical research at all.
As they each hit “the wall” in terms of researching, Rothbart and Sha’re ask to be taken back to Far Watch to rest the night. Rothbart goes out in search of good drink, and finds some. He spends the evening in the feast hall by himself. Sha’re spends the evening with her new druid friends.
Continue researching and find nothing of use. They speak to Grish and ask for Davarian’s personal journals. He says he will do what he can.
Grish obtains the journals from the three years between Davarian encountering the “Black Hand” and his disappearance. The party gets to work… [Four clues are needed to have a clear picture of what must be done next – skill challenges are presented to simulate this]
Sha’re finds the first clue.
Sha’re and Rothbart return to Far Watch. Sha’re spends more time with Vartalak and Srantala. Rothbart drinks more. A small group of teenage wolfen come to the feasthall and interact with Rothbart. They are tentative at first, but after a couple drinking challenges, everyone gets along. The feasthall seems to be a normal hangout for the wolfen teens,t hey are there despite the giant female troll in their presence.
More researching: Qweezil finds the 2nd and 3rd clues needed.
Party at the feasthall. There is a large gathering at the feast hall and Rothbart is included in the festivities.
Sha’re runs with the druids through the forest. It is exhilarating. She meets an ancient awakened oak in a druid grove. It gifts her with 10 “Awesome Berries” (much better than good berries).
More researching: Rothbart finds the final clue.
End at noon.



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