Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

Plan in Motion

Game recap: August 15, 2010

Cast of characters:
Belor, human psion/fighter; Daymoon, “elf” ranger; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz

The party is escorted to the ettercap (spider people) enclave by S’sratix. They successfully negotiate with the Ettercap. They will remain out of the conflict with the human cultists and reveal an alternate access to the underground complex. The party meditates to recover much needed energies.
7pm: The Viruk attack the humans on the surface as a distraction. The party breaks through the wall from the Ettercap enclave into the underground human complex. The group navigates the passageways, deciding to take the less used corridor. It takes them to the general quarters of the cultists. In the common room, the party is attacked by a pair of hyper-chuuls. These chuuls have magical symbols covering their bony carapace. They are much faster, stronger and tougher than the creatures they faced out in the wasteland. Regardless, the party makes short work of them by teaming up on one at a time and with Qweezil negating their magical effects.
Beyond the common room, there are two other private quarters. One belongs to the head wizard and his bodyguard and the other belonging to the cultist leader, Morthan. Knowing that time is of the essence, they do not investigate any further and return to the central cavern and move down the main passage.
They come to a barred door guarded by a meager force of 6 human cultists. The cultists are killed very quickly. The party bashes down the barred door. Beyond, they see a massive cavern and a glow in the distance (more than 1000 ft away).


I’ve noticed that the group of you do not really like to investigate any mysteries or pursue any subtle clues. Am I wrong? Should we just focus on the obvious and clear cut? Let me know what you think.

Plan in Motion

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