Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

Old Friends, New Acquaintances

Cast of characters:
Bellor, human psion/fighter; Moralin, human fighter/mage; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz
Venger is in Grennis with his travelling circus and sees his old companion Qweezil on the street. They reconnect and Moralin (as he now is called) re-joins the party. He meets the rest of the group at the Casino at sundown. [Moralin is infused with chaos magic and it has strange and often debilitating effects]
The group is researching teleportation magic to figure out an easier way to travel between Iscandar and Telarra and discovers the work of a specialist in thaumaturgy – a Dwarven wizard named Davarian Trondalak. He is known to have a remote tower/keep in the Northern Akkadian Mountains. His family is originally from the Dwarven city of Overlook in central Cedenia.
Qweezil checks into the Casino’s accounts and notices some discrepancies. He sets up a meeting with Leo and the head pit-bosses. After the meeting Leo informs Qweezil of a guild buy-out that Leo is tight-lipped about and strongly suggests that Qweezil just let it go. The whole situation seems strange and mysterious, with no straight answers forthcoming. Qweezil relents and ends the meeting. He later enlists Sammy to investigate the situation discretely.
Mattox is the closest capital city to Overlook, so the group portals a few miles outside the city. As they approach, they are challenged by the guards. Instead of dealing with getting inside the city (which appears to be prepping for a major military exercise), they port from there to a large lake called Darkfen lake. There is defensive magic that comes from the Mattox city walls and attempts to stop Qweezil’s spell. It succeeds and they move a greater distance away to leave.
The party arrives in Polsmere and has lunch at the Black Stag Brewery. There is a magic shop in town and they buy magical supplies from the Dwarven proprietor, Huckerby. He gives some info about Davarian and tells them of his great niece, Mallory, who currently resides in the family estate in Overlook.
The group rides up the mountain to Overlook. They arrive, go to the Trondalak estate and meet with Mallory. She agrees to look for info on Davarian and his tower in the north. The party agrees to return the next day at noon.
Get info from Mallory and return to Grennis.
Portal to Gneemo’s Needle on the edge of the Timberlands. They arrive during a ley line storm. There are magical lightning strikes and they fight a massive demon-bat-creature. After killing the giant creature, they face the melee at the front of the building. A group of lizard men are attacking the inhabitants…



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