Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

Into the Breach

Game recap: October 3, 2010

Cast of characters:
Belor, human psion/fighter; Daymoon, “elf” ranger; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Deepwater; Onyx; Shona; Topaz

~7:30 pm: The party enters the cavern through the double doors. Qweezil finds that he is unable to enter. He is even prevented from casting spells through some kind of barrier. He investigates while the party continues on. There are a group of cultist defenders in the first half of the cavern. They have some sort of spiritual connection to the “Deep One” that feeds a magic item that projects an energy construct defender. These guys are a much more difficult battle and during the fight, Sha’re is critically struck in her spine and is killed. Qweezil finally breaks through the barrier and the group defeats the cultist defenders. Rothbart channels the power of his goddess and raises Sha’re back from death.
The group regroups and moves deeper in the cavernous room, coming to a narrow and dangerous looking span of stone. Off to each side, the opening seems to drop off beyond the range of sensing. They do not risk investigating and everyone gains the ability fly, safely bypassing the bridge.
There is a giant magical circle around a large gaping hole in the ground. Five cultists, including Morthan, the cultist leader, are there enacting some ritual that will raise the Deep One. Each cultist has a bodyguard and the final battle is joined. The fight is pitched and the foes are capable, but the party is victorious in defeating the cultists and stopping the ritual.


Since no one reads these comments, I am going to provide an incentive. The first player to email me with the phrase, “Iscnadar: A Haven for Psychics” in the subject line and answer the following 3 questions: 1. What is the name of the cultist’s leader? 2. What time did the Viruk attack the human cultists to create a diversion? 3. What is the name of the town the at the center of the Blight?, will receive a custom magic item created just for their character (actually, any character of the player’s choice). The power/level of the magic item will decrease over time, so the sooner you read this, the better.

Into the Breach

The person that accepts the challenge above should also post here the answers to the three questions.

Into the Breach

I find it hard to believe I am the first. as busy as I was just after this game and every thing that has happened in the last year…

1: The cultist leader’s name is: Morthan.

2: The Viruk’s diversion was at: 7 pm

3: The name of the town at the center of the Blight is: Vargeddar

I understand if it is far to late forthis challenge – but, why not.


Into the Breach

Yay! Laurah, you have won the challenge.
I know I told you that the magic item would be minor, due to the time that has passed… but, since you were not in the game at that time and have answered very soon since your return (before, in fact) I am going to make a pretty good magic item for you. So, please give me some info: For which of your characters do you want the item? Any requests for type of item: it can be in very broad or specific terms (offensive, defensive, miscellaneous; a wand of fireballs, a statue that transforms into an airship, nsh…)
Welcome back!

Into the Breach

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