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Game recap: August 28, 2011

Cast of characters:
Bellor, human psion/fighter; Daymoon, “elf” ranger; Moralin, human fighter/mage; Qweezil, “human” wizard; Rothbart, troll priest of Amon; Sapphire, human wizard; Sha’re, human healer/druid; Arcon; Ashe; Aurora; Deepwater; Onyx; Topaz

-On way back to Allinia, Sha’re and crew runs into Daymoon. She joins up with the group since she is done with her stuff.
-Decide to go back to Iscandar…

-Qweezil finds Sapphire. He and his new summoned bodyguard speak to her and find out what she wants (some money and a house). The set up a meeting the next morning for breakfast after setting her up in a hotel for the night (the best in the city; Elvira’s).

-At breakfast with the group, Sapphire decides that she would rather adventure with the group and expand her magical knowledge with real-world applications Qweezil picks her up as an apprentice.
-Qweezil seems intent on finding Sapphire’s sister, Emerald. Last they heard, she was heading to the north with her new beau. Hints of marriage. After heading to Gaern and discovering that she was there, but is not there any longer, the group decides to head east. At the end of the day, they enter the small town of Uerthik. The entire village seems to be at the tavern, listening to and watching a troupe of performers. The group deduces that something is off and discovers the actors are really devils in disguise. They are performing some sort of unholy ritual. The party intervenes and they kill all the devils.


Excerpt from Daymoon’s Journal:

As interesting as things were and while I am glad to have met many new people and learned new things while adventuring alone, it is good to be back with Sha’re and the others. Even Qweezil and Rothbart. They are my pack in some ways. It is especially good since Deepwater wishes to run with a wolfpack for now. I am glad he is following his way, but I was restless with his pack and would have been lonely wandering alone without him.

There were some new people with them – Moralina, and Aurora her apprentice. Sha’re told me Moralina used to be Morlen. Either way, it is just a bit off putting the way that she acts like a girl. That is it, it feels like an act, yet not an act. Tt is odd. No matter. Many in this group are odd, even me when you get down to it. I don’t feel odd to myself, but I know I seem odd or at least exotic to those around me since I do not look like “normal” elves here.

And Aurora. Well, she seems young. Hopefully she will survive to grow out of it. She is in a group that both raises her risk of dying and greatly increases her chances of surviving. It will be interesting to watch her grow into her abilities.

Anyways, after meeting up with my friends, we moved on. In the city Qweezil introduced us to Saphire. He has some odd interest in her, but at least it seems like benign interest. Qweezil also introduced us to his new protector. It is funny, but Sha’re is no where near as antagonized by this bodyguard as she was by Shona. Back to Saphire. We met her at breakfast. At first she seemed to want money and a house from Qweezil, but then I think she realized a life of luxury is not the be all end all of living, that there are much mroe interesting things out there to see and do. She has chosen to join us. She is also a fairly powerful wizard. Fortunately Qweezil’s bodyguard is up to the task of protecting both Qweezil and Saphire. Leave it to Qweezil to set that up right. Layers of protection probably includes having multiple wizards to be the primary targets. Though he seems fairly protective of Saphire, so there is more to it than that.

Shortly after Saphire joined us we left town in search of her sister. Qweezil definitely has an interest in the welfare of these two. That is to the good I think. So we traveled North, following a cold trail of Emerald. At Gaern we turned East. Still the trail is cold, but we have hopes. We came to spend the night at a small town called Uerthik. It was evening, but it was a bit odd, all the townsfolk were in the bar/inn. There was a troupe of players performing, but things did nto seem quite right. Everyone felt it. Everyone was trying in their own ways to determine what was not right and what, if anything to do about it. Even Rothbart, who is not the most perceptive, and went up to the bar to get a drink. Then suddenly I knew – the players were evil and doping something very evil and had to be stopped. Killed.

I yelled out to kill them, then all chaos broke loose. Aurora did as she had been taught by Moralina, and cast some kind of armor on herself. Then disapeared into the crowd – presumably to get in position to attack. She seems a bloodthirsty child at times. Moralina actually set herelf up to protect me, not knowing my abnilities. Nice, but not necessary.

The battle went fairly quick. The devils – the performers were devils in disguise, and very good disguises they were – were killed. The town folk, slowly recovering from the spells cast upon them, started to wander off. Sadly, the devils did manage to complete part of their ritual and destroyed a child’s soul in the process. I think we were too late to save that child from the moment we walked in. While I am glad we stopped them before they could complete the ritual and do whatever evil they were going to do, I am very sad for that child and her family. I had better keep Rothbart away from them. He is bound to say something – whether he means to or not – that will hurt them even more. Sha’re and Bellor should be able to handle the parents. Possibly Qweezil. Or one of the others. I think later I will go out to the wilds to howl my anger at atrocities like those devils!

Back to the South

Laurah, great write-up! Take an extra 1500 XP for the Daymoon’s Journal excerpt.

Back to the South

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