Iscandar is a large continent in the southern hemisphere. There was recently an invasion of infernals brought about by a tear in the space between worlds. Although the human anchors to that place were detroyed, several demons and devils breached into the prime material plane. While the heroes of the realm deal with that issue, our party of adventurers from the northern continent are investigating a potentially greater threat.

While resting in the capital city of Vallastar, a massive psionic wave washed over the region. Following the source leads to a small town on the opposite coast (over 1000 miles away). A blight has begun creeping over the land and is discovered to be slowly spreading.

Having put the Deep One back into an enchanted slumber for millenia, the group has taken some time off back home in Grennis. Now, back on the southern continent, Qweezil has a mysterious new companion that seems to have an agenda all his own.

Iscandar: Chronicles of the Southern Continent

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